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Eenos Hosting Control Panel API documentation is for integrating billing software and other external applications to automate ...

Eenos Apps / Plugins

Build and install external apps into Eenos. Develop plugins in Python or PHP and integrate with your Eenos control panel easily.


The Eenos hooks integrate your custom action scripts and codes into Eenos operations.

Integration Apps

This documentation contains third-party modules and integration documentation like whmcs.

Languages and Translations

How to make languages and translations.


The Eenos Log files and location of logs.

Migration Tools

These tools provide conversion or migration of hosting accounts from other control panels like CPanel

Quick Installation

Start installing the Eenos control panel. This document contains the system requirements and installation procedures to set up...

Reseller Control Panel

This book contains the reseller control panel (RAPP) documentation.


This book provides a complete understanding of the Eenos project road map.  All planning and feature implementations will be up...


All scripts and software tools are available in the eenos hosting control panel. The eenos control panel is fully developed in ...

Templates & Themes

The templates used in Eenos. How to customize and create new templates for various features in the Eenos control panel. How to ...

User Control Panel

This book contains the user control panel (UAPP ) documentation.

Web Administration Panel

This is to teach you how to use the web admin panel (WAP ) of eenos hosting control panel. Management and configuration of t...